Episode 42 – The Goonies for 300 Years

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It's another one about urban legends. What more do you need to know? If you want another whole elaborate, silly teaser thing, I'll write it, but like, you could just be listening already, you know? Fine.

This week, Wyatt digs into the several-centuries-long mystery of Canada's Nova Scotia's Oak Island's Money Pit, also just called "The Oak Island Money Pit" apparently. What exactly the hell is buried down those hundreds of feet of now constantly flooded tunnel, and will it prove once and for all that Shakespeare's plays were originally written in Wingings? Jake then heads west to Turnbull Canyon, where either a nightmarish cacophony of constant paranormal horrors has been happening for ages, or nothing at all is or ever was happening other than it being a pleasant place for a hike. Kinda seems to be the way of things on this show, huh?

The pumps have exploded, the children have been tenderized, you've read all the nonsense — now go and listen to the latest episode of Superduperstitious!



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