Episode 43 – Ghost Guest Good Times


October on Superduperstitious can mean only one thing: desperately trying to create Halloween content that stands out from the rest of the year! The solution? A whole month’s worth of special guests, with their own spooky tales to tell!

Up first is dear friend of the show LINDSAY, who has four ghostly encounters to share. Shadow men? Spectral watchers? Cats with bowling balls? You decide!

Jake then follows with a short account that will make your skin, shall we say, CRAWL? Because… it’s a thing about… a Crawler? Do… do you get it? Not to be out-predictable-ed, Wyatt  then draws a Sasquatch story completely by chance. Basically everything you should expect when you ask these chumps each to pick a story to share. All that, plus some casual references to Episodes 3, 22, 6, 10, and 33 — all without actually SAYING which episodes were being referenced! A whole year deep, and these guys are almost ready to start getting the hang of this.

Hide under the covers and don’t drop your mail, because Halloween Month on Superduperstitious is just getting started!


Supernatural collective nouns

Jake’s Reddit Crawler story
Wyatt’s dumb luck Reddit Bigfoot story

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