Episode 44 – Seacoast, See Ghost


October continues, and so do the guests! This week, author, historian, folklorist, tour guide, and all-around cool person ROXIE ZWICKER joins the show to recount hauntings around Portsmouth, NH. That, and a story about a cow that will change your life forever.

Wyatt then chimes in with his own dark tale of the Seacoast region, the Smuttynose murders (which is definitely not pre-recorded). While not quite supernatural itself, it’s still creepy and true-crime-y, and you people like that stuff, don’t you? Listen along to a story of betrayal and axe hackin’ — or, if you prefer, a tragedy about a man who was unable to extract money from his former friends’ heads.

Jake then concludes with the famous story of Ocean Born Mary (also not pre-recorded), a pretty fanciful local legend that may or may not be full of holes. At least her ocean-born-ness still seems to hold up. Dig up the whole backyard, and for goodness’ sake, give that lady your fish — it’s time for another episode of Superduperstitious!


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The Smuttynose Murders


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