Episode 41 – Tales from the Crypt(ozoology Conference)


The boys have finally gone out and done something interesting! Or at least, kind of interesting. Either way, they're sure gonna share it with you! But not before a long awaited update on those creepy bat monsters in the Chicago area — Jake walks us through Lon's overarching theory, and why that theory is so phantom-shit crazy as to ALMOST make these updates no fun anymore. ALMOST.

Wyatt shares a first look at some of the Fearsome Critters with the legend of the Gumberoo, which is, if possible, actually EVEN dumber than its name might suggest. Wyatt and Jake are also plagued by not one but TWO rounds of Shadowlands Roulette, and conclude the ep with a recap of their trip to the 3rd Annual International Cryptozoology Conference in Portland, ME (and a plea for $12,000).

It probably says a lot that a "freeform" episode of this show is the most structured, properly segmented episode yet. In any case, you're in for one fun episode of Superduperstitious!


Phantom of the Chicago sighting
1981 sighting


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