Episode 9 – B.E.K. 2: The Childrenening


After a gap week spent finding themselves, the boys are ready to crank up them spooks! First off, Wyatt dives into the background of the creepy doll Annabelle that inspired the 2014 movie by the same name, and the child prodigy who owned her. Never trust a Warren to tell a ghost story.

Next, Jake discovers the multiband compressor and his life is forever changed. He also tells a spooky story, but you're all here for the audio engineering stuff, right? Whatever. Some little kids with completely black eyes want to be allowed into your car/house. Probably don't let them do that.

Back your car into a gravestone and ignore the ominous notes around your apartment, because it's all supernatural all the time on this episode of Superduperstitious!



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Doll comparison


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Cemetery sighting

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