Episode 10 – A List of Pine Trees


Wyatt and Jake are back on it again with another foray into cryptozoology — and what a foray it is! After yet another update on that pesky Phantom of the Chicago, Jake gives Wyatt every single heebie and all of the jeebies with multiple tales of some weird, large, fast, pale, creepy four-legged humanoid creatures.

Then Wyatt digs into the history of a very famous U.S. monster, and finds out that it's actually all Ben Franklin's fault. All that, plus B.E.K. 2 II: The Childrenening Followup (The Sequel), and a whole bunch of useful information about pine trees. If you want monsters, you got 'em on this week's episode of Superduperstitious!



B.E.K. story 1
B.E.K. story 2
Sighting in Big Bear
Creepy-ass video
Sightings at ranch (w/photos)
Sightings in Latin America


The Jersey Devil
Sighting stories
Crane soundz

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