Episode 11 – Scary for Kids


Brrrr! It's the winter solstice up in the Northern Hemisphere, so it's time for some tales of cold weather creepiness to fit the mood. First up, Wyatt presents a real-life psychological phenomenon that may be behind stories of a famously cannibalistic First Nations folk monster, as well as reasons why this is totally fine to tell children.

Next, Jake misses an obvious opportunity for a Jabu-Jabu joke and plows straight into a description of a marine behemoth potentially lurking in the waters of the southern seas, where it is decidedly not winter. Could the Japanese government be keeping this huge, aquatic, Antarctic humanoid a secret? Does that sentence even make sense? Eat your whole family, do some shots in an ice tube, and give a listen to this week's episode of Superduperstitious!



Scary for Kids
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