Episode 8 – The Year The Matrix Came Out


Who said you can't make an episode of a paranormal podcast Thanksgiving-themed? After the boys weigh the finer points of shape-shifting goblin logistics (you guessed it: Chicago), Jake takes us to the Isle of Man, if not with his accent then at least with his story. There, a family in the 1930s was terrorized/entertained for years by a mysterious entity in their home calling himself Gef (he is the fifth dimension, in case you were wondering).

Next, Wyatt tells a story that starts in 1999, a completely unremarkable year with no major cultural touchstones or noteworthy occurrences. Listen as a French acupuncturist snaps and maybe kills his whole family, but all over the ocean, but really confusingly, but maybe didn't. Gather round with your friends and family, chow down on that turkey and stuffing, and leave some chocolate out for the mongoose. It's time for Superduperstitious!



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