Episode 72 – Have Doughnut

10 oildrillinhell.jpg

The world is full of weird, and Superduperstitious is determined to visit it all! To that end, here are a couple more stops along that journey through the strange.

First, Jake takes us to Siberia, 1989, where Soviet scientists dug a hole ALL THE WAY TO HELL. Did their borehole really reach something infernal? The intense heat they encountered might have something to say about it, as would the screaming OH DEAR GOD THE SCREAMING. But also fact-checking is a thing, though surely that has no relevance here. At any rate, stay tuned for a surprise non-appearance by special guest Tom Waits!

Following a hearty beer review that was definitely not pre-recorded, Wyatt ventures to Nevada, home to the most famous of all top secret locations: Area 51. Full of aliens, secrets, and secret aliens, Area 51 sure is a secretive, alien-ful place! That, or maybe experimental military technology is just something that it makes sense to hide from the general public? Nah, it's for sure all aliens.

Have a nice trip, see you next HELL — and tune in for this brand new episode!




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