Episode 73 – In the Weeds on the Meat Man


Superduperstitious is back at it again! And “it”, in this particular instance, means “supernatural/ghosty stories”. Superduperstitious is back at supernatural/ghosty stories again. It works.

Wyatt leads in, first with a PSA about being Satan (don’t), then with the SOUL-WRENCHING TERROR that is the Hotel Monte Vista. This Arizona getaway contains very nearly a dozen ghosts, and all of them DO STUFF, which is of course, just, so scary. And all the staff are great with babies.

Then, following an extra special update on the Phantom of the Chicago (featuring none other than the Fire Killa himself), Jake explores the phenomenon of the witching hour. Can ghosts and demons tell time? What time is it right now? Shit, that late already? Am I still up writing this thing? Damn.

Hang some steaks on the chandelier and get some damned sleep, it’s Superduperstitious time!



Virginia PSA

Superduperstitious Field Reports


Hotel Monte Vista


Early morning cat stare down
Scratching and knocking on my door at 3 am
First usage of “witching hour”
Significance of 3
Significance of 3 is maybe bullshit
International Journal of Dream Research
Final witching hour story