Episode 71 – The 411 Part II: The 4-1-1

David Paulides.jpg

Part II of this Superduperstitious Special Report seeks to finally answer the age-old question: Why come all these peoples be missing?

Last week, we heard about the disappearance of a small child and the watertight case for his having been abducted by a Sasquatch, instead of something real happening to him. We also heard the account of one teen’s near miss when he almost got 411’d SO HARD by a phantom woman in the woods. Luckily, a former police detective is on the case, gathering just the facts and definitely not fabricating a conspiracy in order to sell books. And now this week, it’s science time!

In this conclusive installment, Wyatt and Jake break down the mythos behind the Missing 411 phenomena, examine real Search and Rescue protocol, and try in vain to enjoy a beer without being interrupted by haunted casino game paraphernalia. All this, plus a final evaluation of the man, the mustache, the legend: David Paulides — on this episode of Superduperstitious!



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