Episode 70 – The 411 Part I: How to Disappear Completely


You ever find some people get really lost? David Paulides sure notices, and so came the Missing 411 book series and general conspiracy phenomenon. And so begins this deep dive!

In the first installment of this Missing 411 two-parter, Wyatt recounts the tragic case of Dennis Martin, a young boy who seemingly vanished into thin air. That is, unless he was ABDUCTED BY A SASQUATCH. Or by a deranged, non-speaking hill person? Certainly no other, more rational explanations exist.

Jake then presents one man’s account of what happened to him on a camping trip some twenty years ago, and it MAY HOLD THE KEY TO THE MYSTERY OF WHAT EVIL LURKS OUT IN THOSE WOODS. But if you shake your dad real good it’ll go away. Could we be one step closer to understanding what is happening to all these missing folks?

Try very hard to smell, and come and ride a bear in Part I of this Superduperstitious Special Report!




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