Episode 69 – Nice


Things were feeling just TOO SANE around here, so it’s once again conspiracy time on Superduperstitious!

Following a few words from some podcast pals, Jake leads in with a story he thought had been put to bed, but which instead proved to be decidedly still up and about and wanting a glass of water and a midnight snack and SOME ANSWERS, DAMN IT. How did the 2008 appearance of a dead raccoon on a beach on Long Island cause over a decade of freaking out? Because it looked weird and it was in Montauk — what more reason do you need?

Then, after a mandated segment of drinking godawful cocktails, Wyatt tells the story of David Icke, former footballer and conspiracy theorist extraordinaire. Yep, he’s the “lizard people control the world” guy. Yep, a whole damned lot of people believe his stuff. The least we can do is see what he’s on about!

This week is full of reptilian royals, Montauk monsters, secret cover-ups, and The Unbearable Icke-ness of Being. Are you happy now, Collin?! It’s time for Superduperstitious!



That’s Weird


Montauk Monster
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David Icke
Reptilian NWO
Royal family
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