Episode 68 – Bed & Breakfast Tales

Sleestak (resized).jpg

There’s no time like the present for getting back on our shit, and that shit, of course, is monsters.

After another rousing edition of The Quaff (AND another audio-based update), Wyatt has some frogs for us. And not just any frogs — it’s the Loveland Frogmen! Or possibly a weirdly upright iguana. But most likely a Sleestak. Just whatever you do, watch out for their wand (???).

Jake then takes us into a stranger’s backyard to be stared at for four years. It’s ABSOLUTELY CHILLING. And apparently not something a game camera can pick up.

Burn your Satanic sheds and walk that way that frogs do on over to this week’s shiny new episode of Superduperstitious!



Worldwide Hum update


Loveland Frogmen
Weird U.S.
2016 Pokémon Go sighting
Giant salamander video


Something in the woods
Yard photo
Update post
Photo of the eyes
Final update