Episode 67 – Sadventure Time


We all make mistakes. They don’t always involve depleting all breathable oxygen from a living space or disappearing forever into the jungle, but still. Accordingly, this ep is all about science mistakes!

After a buzzy update from Cuba/Wyatt, Jake tells the tale of the ambitious but ill fated Biosphere 2, an early ’90s experiment (read “publicity stunt”) that actually could have been really cool. Sadly, a lack of adequate technical consideration kept the habitat from realizing its full potential, and that’s how you get ants. And cockroaches. And almost suffocate everybody.

Wyatt then takes us back in time to the antics of Percy Fawcett, who simply couldn’t get enough of that tasty, tasty Amazon rain forest. So much so that he is STILL THERE TO THIS DAY. He may have brought back numerous reports of patently ridiculous animals, and vanished while searching for the so called Lost City of Z, but at least he wasn’t secretly doing something WEIRD, like attempting to help humankind ascend to a higher plane by initiating with transdimensional beings… right? Also, Jake and Wyatt discuss the key differences between poison and venom, and their plans for an upcoming stage play production.

Stick your hand in a thresher and give your son to the Earth Guardians as we venture into this week’s episode of Superduperstitious!



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