Episode 66 – Timeless Cool


Pyramid power! Greek robots! Other Ancient Aliens bait! It can mean only one thing: tech tales from antiquity on Superduperstitious!

Wyatt kicks it off with a perhaps less well known conspiracy surrounding the Great Pyramid of Giza. And it’s not even the Daniel Jackson kind! Instead, it’s the one where the pyramid is actually a giant electrical power plant, one that a future David Bowie character could be proud of. And the weirdest part? There is a downright stupid amount of plausibility to this one.

Jake then gives us robots through the ages — Italian robots, a boat that totally doesn’t just sink, Hero’s high-speed porn tower — all the hits! And these babies are fully programmable, with not one sign of Skynet crap.

You’ll get all that, plus the introduction of an informative new segment (The Quaff™), all on this historically riveting new episode!




Great pyramid
Pyramid cross section
Pyramid power plant
Dendera light
Glow discharge bulb
It maybe works?


NewScientist article
Da Vinci’s lion
Hero’s robot
Robot video