Episode 65 – Don't Go There.


Spooky spots! Again! Kind of! This week is all about visits to mysterious locations and the mysterious mysteries that happen there — MYSTERIOUSLY.

After some requisite bat shit, Jake leads off with the curious case of Devil’s Kettle Falls in Minnesota, where half of a river apparently falls into oblivion. Where doest all that water actually go? Can any natural phenomenon explain its apparent failure to reappear? How many cars do we have to cram into the thing to solve this?!

Wyatt then covers something ALMOST as chilling as disappearing water: disappearing people. Travel to Black Mountain in Queensland, Australia (but don’t) to see what happens if you wander inside this spooky pile o’ rocks (but probably don’t). What could possibly go wrong in a mountain that moans?

Here at Superduperstitious, we know just what sort of entertainment you crave from a podcast: high quality geology content. So listen to this brand new ep!




Devil’s Kettle photo
Video inside the kettle
Lost Lake in Oregon


“Don’t go there”
ABC Australia
Mysterious Universe
Robbie Shone cave photography