Episode 64 – Arthropoddities


It’s always bugs o’clock here at Superduperstitious, because why the hell not?

After some passing yeti news, Wyatt opens with an increasingly uncomfortable tale of giant spiders in Mozambique. Is the j’ba fofi really out there? If so, it may bite your butt and make you die. And if not, you can still learn about all the other unholy arachnid abominations that definitely DO crawl across our world right now AND PROBABLY RIGHT BEHIND YOU OH GOD DID YOU FEEL THAT ON YOUR LEG AHHHHHH.

Jake then takes to the air with rods, also known as sky fish, also known as solar entities, also known as SUPER REAL. Follow these mysterious creatures from their discovery in the mid-nineties all the way to their journey’s end approximately ten years later. It’s a good time. And definitely not a flying squid.

Guys, just because you caught someone eating a bird ONCE doesn’t give you the right to make that name follow them forever. Crank up your shutter speed and tune in for this week’s Superduperstitious!




J'ba FoFi
Purported footage
Camel spider photo
Camel spider face in profile
Camel spider being awful


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