Episode 60 – At the Mountains of (March) Madness


A two-year record-iversary, a 60th episode, AND the launch of a Patreon? That’s cause for celebration! Ideally in the form of a single elimination bracket championship tournament between cults (obviously).

That’s right, this ep is devoted entirely to the NCAAA championship showdown between the World and Global Divisions’ top cults, each vying to reign supreme. Join Wyatt and Jake as they explore the backgrounds of these bizarre and fascinating religious movements and determine whether each group has what it takes to win (after being forced into a cursed simulator, to iteratively exist in constant conflict, living and dying again and again over the course of 10,000 years).

Fill out your brackets and prepare for Templar relics, diaereses, secret planets, and much, much more on this Very Special Episode™ of Superduperstitious!


Patreon! *airhorn noises*
NCAAA Championship Bracket