Episode 59 – Crunch... Crunch... Yowie!


Another year of podcasting means Jake and Wyatt are eager to get fully back on their bullshit. And back on their bullshit is exactly where they go this week.

Wyatt feeds his Sasquatch addiction with another trip Down Under, this time to look at the yowie of Australian lore. The eyewitnesses seem credible, the phylogeography has Jake more open minded, and you’d best believe everyone’s looking for that penis.

Next, Jake gets ghoulish once again, with a pair of related sightings posted to Reddit. While you refrain from calling anyone a copper nanotube, ponder this: what the goddamned hell was outside that window every night? And can we all agree to just put trail cameras everywhere at all times?

All this, plus a very important missive by a certain Fire Killer, on this episode of Superduperstitious!



News Dot com Dot AU
Ancient Origins
Rex Gilroy
Weird roar
Freaky scream
Sighting footage
Gary interview
Demon tree Jake mentioned


“Footsteps” account
Shadow drawing
Second account
Various images