Episode 58 – Beer-zebub, or How We Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Satan


What’s the point believing in spirits and such if it doesn’t involve those spirits being super scary and wanting to mess with us? Thankfully, that’s what demons are for — and what this ep is all about!

Jake attempts to break the mold a bit with a non-Christian take on these dark forces, paying a visit to an Algonquin reservation and its spooky run-in with a malevolent entity a few years ago. Call it a kokogi, call it a window-tapping jerk — just don’t expect it to wipe that smug grin off its face. And feel free to just lock it in your cabin I guess.

Wyatt then digs into the history, psychology, and prevalence of the positively marvelous phenomenon that is demonic possession. Not “marvelous” in the sense of “wonderful” — unless it’s “wonderful” in the sense of “astounding”. And definitely “astounding” in the sense of “incredible”, but not “incredible” in the sense of “awesome”, except if it's “awesome” in the sense of “marvelous”.

Learn about Native Canadian approaches to dealing with the paranormal, a story you’ve maybe heard before, and hard truths about doughnut franchises, all on this week’s Superduperstitious!


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