Episode 57 – Mist Opportunities


It’s a weird world out there, full of rocks and clouds that want to eat you. But you’ll be safe with us here on Superduperstitious!

Wyatt talks up the Bennington Triangle, a decidedly non-triangular region in Vermont known for some creepy disappearances, with likely ties to the Big Bad Wolf and some lethal hugs. Never leave your children unattended while your pigs are unfed.

Jake then reads another overwritten account of a kooky occurrence in Florida, but this time it involves a carnivorous pink mist floating around and eating everything. Nobody knows what really happened back then, but everyone will happily follow that assertion with an explanation of exactly what happened back then.

Venture into the unknown, identify some unidentified bones (they’re human), and perhaps finally solve the show’s longest running mystery (What is That Fog?), all on today’s episode!



Obscure Vermont


Mysterious Universe
Lake fly midge clouds
Gnat cloud in slow motion
Operation Drop Kick