Episode 56 – Spaces, Strange: Space Is Strange


Space! There’s an awful lot of it, and yet we practically never talk about it on this friggin’ show. But this episode aims to remedy that!

Did you know that you can get a degree in intergalactic politics? Incidentally, did you also know that you can go on long weekend retreats to one of Jupiter’s moons? And did you know that humans are descended from 12 or more different extraterrestrial races? Jake didn’t know any of that, but if you believe it, he’s got a xendra to sell you!

Wyatt then cranks up the excitement by talking about a really neat rock. It’s great, this rock. ’S from a couple years ago. We barely saw it at all, but it’s fast and small and OH SNAP IT MIGHT BE A SPACESHIP WHAAAAT.

Learn all about how to start your career as an exopolitician and how to tell different space debris apart while Jake takes the Lawd’s name in vain entirely too many times, all on today’s episode of Superduperstitious!


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