Episode 55 – sOfT kItTy, WaRm KiTtY


If you go down to the woods today, you’re in for a big surprise. If you go down to the woods today, you’ll hear from two nerdy guys — it’s another forest-centered episode of Superduperstitous!

Wyatt leads the way with some alarming encounters had by various survivalists in the great outdoors, and learns that Jake has terrible survival instincts. What would YOU do if your flashlight revealed the reflection of a pair of eyes in the darkness? Freeze in your tracks? Try to get closer? Poop?

Next, Jake recounts some currently ongoing terror in the taiga with one teenage Redditor’s tale of SOMETHING chasing her through the woods near her house. Tall, grey, humanoid, and accompanied by the sound of rattling chains, Glitter Sprinkles is not likely be her new best friend anytime soon. That said, if you absolutely have to get murdered by a monster, it’s best to at least keep the internet apprised.

Hear all this, plus an unexpected return from a hopping horror, some useful tangents about proverbs and idioms, and a listener-submitted story about an abomination near Maryland, all on this brand new episode!


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