Episode 54 – The Shadow Mans


It’s spooky in the bedroom once again on Superduperstitious! Jake leads off by describing an entity seen around the world by people who mostly just want to get some damned sleep. Who is the mysterious Hat Man? Why is he wearing a hat? What kind of hat is it? Were trench coats really THAT popular in the 1700s?

Then, after a quick ethological look at the well known instinctive flight or fuck response, Wyatt asks for Jake’s help in rating a series of answers to the age old question, “Have you ever woken up randomly in the middle of the night, feeling the presence of someone or something else with you in the room?” Which of these answers will receive a “Negative Boo”, which will just get a 3 or something, and which will get the coveted “Yikes”?

Find out the answers to these questions about answers, why your brain be so scary, and where Jake draws the line on randomly singing in a podcast, all on this week’s episode!



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