Episode 53 – The Phantom of the Chicago: Part a Billion


Holy crap, it's another episode! This show truly is still a thing that exists. The boys have a lot of catching up to do together, and it involves revisiting some interesting past stories of the spooky and strange.

For starters, Wyatt aims to put the Cuban sonic attack conspiracy to bed once and for all, but the plot insists on continuing to thicken. With so many technologies out there for microwaving heads and looking at babies (but ideally not for microwaving babies), it seems like anything could be possible. Or, again, maybe it's bugs.

Jake, meanwhile, is as on-brand as ever with an entire full-length segment devoted to America's favorite winged flesh-like creature, The Phantom of the Chicago. People around Lake Michigan haven't stopped seeing the giant humanoid bat monster, so these updates are going to JUST. KEEP. COMING.

The long wait is over, old stories have new twists, and Superduperstitious is back! So fully turn to look at your friend before you scream, and enjoy this all-new ep.



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