Episode 52 – The Man from Another Place


We’re entering parallel universes and hidden worlds galore on this week’s episode of Superduperstitious! But probably not. But maybe!

First we hear from Jake, with the story of a bizarre encounter in a Japanese airport in the 1950s. Flying was so much less strict back then: you didn’t have to take your shoes off when you went through security, you could smoke on the plane, and you could have a passport from a country that doesn’t exist (unfortunately, the latter MIGHT cause you to be detained and then to vanish into thin air).

Then, following a long overdue round of Shadowlands Roulette, Wyatt tells of the Green Children of Woolpit. Who were these mysterious children who spoke a different language and had no idea how beans work? Aliens? Extradimensional beings? Malnourished immigrant children who were lost? Nah, that last one is too farfetched.

We’ve got good news! That gum you like is going to come back in style, on an all-new episode of Superduperstitious.



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