Episode 51 – We Want to Believe Part II: Science

Sharon illustration (By Ethan Kocak) smaller.jpg

What better way to end the year than with the conclusion of this Superduperstitious Special Report? There are better options? Never mind, just listen to the damned podcast.

Jake and Wyatt recap paranormal investigations and then lay down the sciencey law (not to mention define what a “law” actually is in science). Learn more than you ever wanted to know about the scientific method, and go ahead and continue to consider donating $12,000.

The boys are then joined by SHARON A. HILL, spooky geologist and aficionado of paranormal culture. Sharon is the author of Scientifical Americans: The Culture of Paranormal Researchers, and she gives some tips on how to make the field more legitimate. She also gives some fun insider info on Centralia, for a throwback to Episode 48, because who DOESN’T want to hear more about a town being sucked into Hell?

Forget about your grainy photos, take off your foil hat, and find out why you can’t just rely on the machine that goes “PING”, all in this fact-packed episode of Superduperstitious!


Sharon’s website
Scientifical Americans

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