Episode 50 – We Want to Believe Part I: Pseudo

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Halfway to a hundred eps, and it’s time for the boys to bite the hand that feeds them with another two-part deep dive! Specifically, it’s a look at the pseudoscience behind everything this show is about. It’ll be fun!

Wyatt kicks off Part I with some cryptozoology goodness. Whether it’s reputable publications gleefully fanning the flames of belief, or fancy-ass websites touting their fancy-ass research tools, monster hunting has some major methodological mishaps. But at least they sell cool hats.

Jake then takes things in a ghostlier direction with a look at paranormal investigations. Luckily, it’s an easy field to get into, as long as you have gadgets. Doesn’t matter what they do. Just have ’em. You’ll do fine.

Learn about the important differences between real science and TV science, give Wyatt and Jake $12,000, and enjoy the sound of people looking at websites, all on the start of this Superduperstitious Special Report!




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