Episode 49 – [Elk bugling intensifies]

Elk bugling.jpg

If we know one thing at Superduperstitious, it’s that animals are weird. They act weird, sometimes they look weird, and frequently they sound weird. So imagine how weird CRYPTIDS must sound! Or just listen to this episode, because that’s what it’s about.

But first, it’s another update on that pesky Midwestern bat thing, the Phantom of the Chicago! The saga seemingly never ends, to the point where the boys may just have to take matters into their own hands.

After that, however, you’d better believe there are some spooky forest sounds afoot, and Knightsbridge Consulting is here to take care of them! Travel with Jake to British Columbia, routinely insist on calling a town by the incorrect name, and maybe, just maybe, track down the creature behind all this. At the very least, aim to briefly look like Ziggy Stardust.

Wyatt rounds out the ep with a series of crazy and creepy animal sounds from around the world, to show just how easy it would be for your imagination to run wild in the woods at night. He also revisits Awee Kids for a series of increasingly questionable animal sound demonstrations. Beat up some hunters and watch out for sky whales — spooky sounds await you on Superduperstitious!



Unusual sound in Witset
Strange noises in Oregon woods
Knighstbridge Consulting
Witset case
Elk bugle
Coyote sounds


Elk bugle
Whirly tube
Screech owl
Great potoo
Howler monkeys
Weird British sounds
Sky trumpets
Bird sounds for kids
Squirrel sounds for kids
Ant sounds for kids
Horse sounds for kids

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