Episode 48 – Unsettlements

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You asked for lost cities, so we give you… towns! That’s right: this week on Superduperstitious, it’s all about vanishing villages and missing municipalities.

Wyatt leads with a Pennsylvania town that is actively disappearing to this very day. No matter how festive you’re feeling, maybe just don’t set that much stuff on fire, yeah? Also catch Wyatt’s eerie firsthand experience passing through the location that influenced one of the most popular survival horror video game franchises ever! Or at least the dumb movie spinoff thereof.

Jake then confuses buttons and rings as he attempts to tell the history of the Lost Colony of Roanoke, which may in fact be not so much “lost” as “misplaced”. For all the mess they’d eventually make, Europeans sure had a hard time colonizing at first.

Carve your messages into a tree and DAMN IT JUST MOVE SOMEWHERE ELSE ALREADY — Superduperstitious is about to start!



Centralia, PA


The Lost Colony
Maltese cross
Smithsonian Magazine article
New World apocalypse

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