Episode 61 – The Kangaroo Event


Any strange story is fair game this week, so the boys tackle some slightly more famous freak occurrences.

Jake kicks it off with some obligatory updates on the bat problems of the midwest, followed by a decidedly offbeat creature encounter from that same region in the 1970s. Meet the Enfield Horror, a creature of improbable anatomy and ill temper that terrorized a tiny Illinois town for a few weeks before vanishing forever, unless it’s still lurking there to this day (it’s not), because it was totally real the whole time (it wasn’t). You can shoot it, but it will just come back and loiter in your yard.

Wyatt then takes us to Siberia at the turn of the 20th century, where a massive explosion leveled enormous swathes of forest and baffled scientists for decades to come. Was it a meteor that exploded before landing? Did real scientists actually suggest that it was a miniature black hole magically appearing? And did they really publish that theory in the most respected journal in the world?

Keep an eye out for three-leggèd footprints, and don’t show any fear or surprise in Russia: it’s Superduperstitious time!




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