Episode 38 – "Weapon of Choice by Fatboy Slim" by Christopher Walken


It's gross bug week on Superduperstitious, because why the hell not? Both Jake and Wyatt independently and accidentally land on stories involving giant, creepy, wormlike creatures, and by some additional coincidence, these creatures also happen to both be found in the general vicinity of eastern Asia.

First up is Jake with a deadly worm in the Gobi Desert, which either murders the crap out of anyone or anything unlucky enough to encounter it, or it's a different thing that doesn't do those things, or it doesn't exist. At least it won't interfere with your spice mining.

Wyatt then leads us out into the ocean to hunt for either a terrifying marine arthropod, or else some kind of cursed walrus. At any rate, keep the family jewels away from the seafloor and/or the bottom of your aquarium. Wow, we really went all-in on gross, squirmy creatures this week, didn't we? Yes. Yes we did. Why? Because damn it, it's Superduperstitious!



Karl Shuker blog post on the Mongolian Death Worm
Goyo photo
Electric eel
Worm lizard photos
Amphisbaena photo


Con Rit #1
Con Rit #2
Annelid swimming
Bobbit worm swimming
Bobbit worm being horrible