Episode 37 – Water: We Talking About

Bunyip stamp.jpg

Superduperstitious is splashing into summer with some sea-inspired stories! Or at least, that was the plan. Wyatt starts us off, covering a just kind of vaguely water-adjacent topic: a series of monsters in Australia that may all be one and the same, and not just in the "sticking them all together into one mess of an animal" way that some of the tales might suggest. Plus Jake invents the very worst cocktail and then conflates Irish and Scots Gaelic consonant pronunciations like some kind of IDIOT.

As consolation, he offers the account of the doomed S.S. Ourang Medan, along with possible explanations as to what may have happened to the crew — and aided briefly by musical friend of the show, Tom Waits. As we prepare this episode for takeoff, please keep your elbows inside the vehicle and out of the mouths of any otters, and please make sure your sulfuric acid is safely stowed. It's time for another week of Superduperstitious!



Masterton Monster
Euroa Beast (Bunyip)
Moar Dobhar-chú
Ice age in Australia


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