Episode 36 – Howlers, Whistlers, and Cabin Smashers

Ski Free.jpg

This week, it's an adventure into the woods for some ridiculous rigatoni! Jake leads Wyatt through the rambling yet flowery tale of "The Beast of the Land Between the Lakes and Specifically the Forest but in Kentucky", or whatever it's called. Never fear: a dozen or so coroners are here!

Wyatt then follows up with a much more sober series of accounts dealing with a race of apelike creatures around Mount St. Helens over the range of a century. When in doubt, sing, damn it, sing! Though it won't make your cabin any less flammable. Thrill as an expert skier vanishes without a trace! Throw up a completely unnecessary number of times! Learn what the word "mordant" means! It's all on this forest-themed episode of Superduperstitious.



The Beast Between the Lakes
Who actually goes to a crime scene


Diary of Elkanah Walker
Cabin attack
Disappearance at Ape Canyon