Episode 35 – Terrordactyls


It would be a rare day indeed that Superduperstitious would fail to pay lip service to some ancient reptilian friends. Luckily, one such creature made it even easier by paying a visit of its own, in this case to the town of Van Meter, Iowa. Wyatt's got it covered, with a complete account of those strange few nights back at the turn of the century, along with a pretty good idea of what bees probably taste like.

Then, another accursed round of Shadowlands Roulette hangs heavy on the boys' souls, but after a narrow escape, Jake is ready to recount a Redditor's rendezvous with something freaky somewhere south of the border. Best to keep some partial glasses of water all over the house for good measure. Have your shotted gun at the ready and put your fingers in someone's mouth — there's a new episode of Superduperstitious to listen to!



The dumb version
The less dumb version
Interesting interpretation


Original account
Creature drawing
Birthday scene