Episode 34 – Bah! Hum-Buzz


29 more episodes deep since their first sound adventure and Wyatt and Jake are again reminded that podcasts are in fact an audio-based medium. In that case, it's time for some more auditory strangeness!

Jake opens with talk of a persistent, mysterious rumbling heard all around the world — though only by 2% or so of the population. What is the source of The Hum? Is there any way to stop it? Does it just not know the lyrics or something?

One harrowing game of Shadowlands Roulette later, Wyatt revisits the Cuban sonic attacks, which are still probably not sonic attacks and now also not in Cuba. Are folks just hitting their heads left and right, or is something more espionage-y going on? Pack your righty and lefty scissors and look out for horny bugs — Bowie and Jagger are waiting to see your dance moves on this week's Superduperstitious!



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