Episode 39 – Gullible's Travels Part I: Liar, Liar, Pants on Wire


Here at Superduperstitious, it's our goal to separate fact from stupid ol' poopy dumb stuff, but it's not always so simple. Sometimes phenomena can be all but completely debunked, and folk'll still cling to beliefs no matter how much evidence there is against them. To that end, it's time for another Superduperstitious Special Report!

In the first installment of this two-parter, Wyatt talks up the disembodied pants that are the Fresno Nightcrawlers. Behold the 5 or 6 pixels of video evidence and decide for yourself if these legs are ALIEN legs! Jake then tries his hand at describing the biggest, famousest, tiredest U.F.O. tale of them all, and why everyone's so hung up on this one town in New Mexico in spite of there being no story and no interest until 30 years after the inciting incident. But maybe this one's aliens, too.

And there's a whole lot more in store next time — aliens are just the beginning on this week's deep dive into bogus beliefs!



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Yosemite video
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