Episode 31 – Et tu, E.T.?


It's high time Superduperstitious took another look skyward, so this week's episode once again handles those interplanetary interlopers, extraterrestrials!

Wyatt's up first, with the truly astonishing account of a visit to a Russian park that 40 or so locals would never forget. From documentaries full of comically overacted accents to some silent miming on an audio-only format, this story really has it all. Certainly it has those two things.

Jake then brings us into the present with a somewhat unique abduction event from only a couple of months ago. Have you recently rendered yourself sterile because you didn't care whether or not you rendered yourself sterile? These helpful aliens might just have a solution for you! Try not to overheat your big rig, and don't be too afraid of geometry — an all-new Superduperstitious starts right now!



Voronezh encounter
NYT article
Testimony video


NUFORC account
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