Episode 32 – The Vegetable Golem of Mouse Mouth

Moss Monster 2.jpg

Would it really be an episode of Superduperstitious without some monsters? Perhaps. But it wouldn't be THIS episode. That's because this episode is full of chlorophyllic creepers and a whole dang family of Sasquatches!

Out of the gates, Jake recounts a history of sightings involving a mysterious mossy individual in Florida. An ancient elemental being? Pop culture inspired mass hysteria? A sentient farmer's market? You decide!

Wyatt then recites Albert Ostman's very sober account of a completely bonkers experience. Then again, maybe nothing phases you when you routinely carry 80 pounds of gear into the Canadian wilderness alone to go on a prospecting "vacation". This episode is best enjoyed while being stalked in a bayou or while eating an entire box of snuff — try it out right now!



"The Moss Man Cometh"
Gumbo Limbo trail example


Edible plants of the Pacific Northwest
Albert Ossman Sasquatch account