Episode 30 – NOW That's What I Call Spooky Spots! 2018


The world sure does seem to have a lot of haunted places in it, huh? Like, at least several. And not all of them are even houses or abandoned prisons! This week, the boys look at two such creepy locales.

First, however, Jake dives into an extra-long and extra-horror-movie-ish update on the Phantom of the Chicago, which has made its way to Wisconsin in order to cockblock some college kids. From there, it's off to a stretch of road in Mission, Texas, where bicyclists don't care for vehicular manslaughter and sometimes people nap in strange ways. We're looking at you, Casey.

Next, we visit the Lowlands of Scotland as Wyatt describes a creepy castle and its dark, ghoulish secret. The type of secret that ultimately seems like way more trouble to keep than not, but that's really up to the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. Stay out of the secret passages and tell us: What is That Fog? It's time for another episode of Superduperstitious!


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The Most Haunted Road in Texas
La Home Road street view


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