Episode 29 – International Mans of Mystery


For us humans, it stands to reason that oodles of spooky stories focus on beings that are MOSTLY human, but not quite enough for comfort. It's certainly the case on this week's episode!

Wyatt first tries his hand at a Crawler update, and it's as creepy as should be expected for those pale, lanky bastards. Then in his main story, Wyatt covers encounters around the world with an entity whose heels might be described as decidedly... spring-like? Sleeping under the stars just got a whole lot scratchier.

Jake follows up with the curious case of the Bunny Man, a tale that is part strange-but-true, part decidedly false, and part "oh God why is it walking like that OH NO IT SEES ME". Listen, if everyone who goes under a specific bridge at midnight on Halloween always dies gruesomely, maybe don't do that? Pay close attention to what's behind your daughter's head and beware of flying hatchets on this week's Superduperstitious!



Crawler sighting
Monkey man 1
Monkey man 2 (with police sketches)
Solway Spaceman 1
Solway Spaceman 2
Solway Spaceman 3


The Bunny Man
Encounter with the Bunny Man
The true story