Episode 28 – Things That Go "Bump" in the Lake


Somehow it took 28 episodes to finally get around to covering lake monsters, but here we are! And don't you worry: this one's got more logs and waves and misidentified loons than you can shake a moose at.

Jake starts off with a famous serpentine creature from a British Columbia lake, and while he may not be so convinced of its supernatural origins, he ends up a true believer in its power to make videos of its likeness vanish from the internet.

Then, on the other side of a thrilling game of Shadowlands Roulette, Wyatt takes us into the deepest reaches of the Congo Basin to search for a legendary relic from a lost world. There's dinosaurs in them thar hills!

Also, huge bats are still apparently doing stuff in Chicago, so that comes up, too. Dive right in, because it's a wet and wild and science-y good time on this week's Superduperstitious!



Live Science article
Ogopogo video
Very loud video


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