Episode 23 – Dragonfly Sounds 4 Kidz


Well if it isn't another new episode! This week, Wyatt jumps on that opening-update-segment-train with some ghastly tales of Spring Heeled Jack's move to America, where he gets into some very specific routines. Wyatt then segues into a series of sightings involving a weird little monstermajig that is equally at home in the Massachusetts and Ontario suburbs as it is in Native American mythology. Just keep your cats away from the river.

Jake's then proves that he hasn't told his dumbest story yet, because he hasn't told THIS story yet. Specifically, he talks about some giant stick figures that are apparently just walking around in the world. All that, plus a series of children's videos that could only be part of a dadaist art project — all on this week's Superduperstitious!


Spring Heeled Jack in America


The Dover Demon
The Toronto Tunnel Monster
Memegwesi (Mannegishi)
Dragonfly wing sounds
Terrain Walker article


67 Not Out
Listverse article
Above Top Secret post
Russian wall crawler video
SPIRIT Seekers

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