Episode 22 – Getting Jack'd


Phantoms abound in this fright-filled episode! After a correction to last week's story that makes it somehow even more upsetting to the boys, Jake discusses a bandage-covered spook that haunts a lonely Oregon road. Whether it's attacking cars while young couples are tryna smash, or crabwalking in and out of your kitchen at night, you're gonna have a bad time.

Wyatt then takes us on an enlightening trip to Victorian London to learn all about a plague of encounters with a fiendish high jumper. Who's that devilish, ghostly bear who scratches and takes off into the air? (Jack!) You're damned right.

This episode has spooks, but don't worry — it's all over in approximately 243 Lord's Prayers. Hop onto a brand new Superduperstitious!


Crawler encounter update


Bandage Man
"The Crawling Man in My Kitchen"


Spring Heel'd Jack

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