Episode 21 – Manster Mosh


It's another week, and the boys' fascination with the not-quite-human never ceases! First up, Wyatt describes the legend of a monster terrorizing Maryland, the sounds that a man-goat might make, and the angst inherent in being a human. He also expresses his deep passion for classic science fiction and fantasy.

Next, Jake gets back on his shit again, recounting even more encounters with gaunt, pale humanoids stalking the roads of the American northeast, including a child's drawing that REALLY doesn't help make these things less creepy.

All this, plus some more Chicago Phantom shenanigans, and a brief appearance from a very special musical guest, on this week's Superduperstitious!



Sean Daly's article
The greatest people
Goatman folklore
Anansi's goatman story
Talking cat


The Christmas encounter
Artist's rendering
Correct artist's rendering
Creature drawing
Police account