Episode 20 – Super Natural Part II: Meanwhile, Back in Kansas...

Orgone generator.jpg

The conclusion of this New Age deep dive finds our intrepid dorks ready to revisit last week's topics, but this time with a heaping helping of science to accompany each and every bite of that crunchy granola. From real-life crystal properties, to the less than lofty origins of ley lines, prepare to get a good old fashioned science learnin'.

And you won't leave empty-handed either, because these progfessional podcasters also found the best deal for life energy generators on the market! Strap in for some earth science, some balls-to-the-wall physics, and some extremely convoluted memory hacks while you get the orgone placebo-ed out of you in Part II of this Superduperstitious Special Report!


Crystal properties
Ley lines history
Orgone generator