Episode 19 – Super Natural Part I: Ley Lines and Crystals and Energy, Oh My!


As we start another two-part Superduperstitious Special Report, we ask you to open your mind to the oneness of all, to let the natural energy surround you, and also to listen to two punkass scientists try describing New Age beliefs verbatim without losing their damned minds.

Jake's up first, with some rock talk — specifically, the curious case of Death Valley's sailing stones in its famed Racetrack Playa. He then segues into crystal energy, and the two subjects almost make sense together when heard in context, seriously.

Wyatt follows Jake's energy lead to describe ley lines, and then goes cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs with an account by someone who has lived on one such line for a number of years. Don't worry — there are photos. As we begin our descent into this two parter, we ask that you keep your tray tables up and your feet firmly planted on the albatross. Get ready for some curious natural phenomena on this week's Superduperstitious!



Museum of Unnatural History
Rock video
Healing Crystals for You


Ley lines
Moar ley lines
Forever Conscious
Joanna's epic tale

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