Episode 18 – Toilet Morpheus


There once was a dorky podcast that discussed paranormal phenomena from a scientific perspective. The two hosts never really nailed that logline, but they always at least half tried. One night, they decided to discuss urban legends again, since there are, like, a billion of those.

First, after another bat interruption, Wyatt laid down some short tales from Japan, before launching into the story of the infamous Alice Killings. "Why," he asked, "are you being so serious?" Next, Jake spun a yarn about one of the most famous campfire ghost stories out there. But then it turns out it basically came true and a bunch of people died and it was really dark and depressing.

Legend has it that these two podcast hosts are still out there to this day, waiting for unsuspecting listeners to wander over to their show on a night/day just like tonight/today. Not everyone encounters this fabled duo, but if you're feeling brave, hit play right now! However, be warned: you, too, might just become another listener to Superduperstitious! *Thunder noises*



The Alice killings
The Playing Card Killer


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