Episode 24 – Cephalopodcast


The legends are true! Specifically the ones about there being a new episode of Superduperstitious. After checking in again on the British Invasion (the Spring Heeled Jack one, that is), the boys examine some longstanding, almost elemental legends from different parts of the world.

First, Jake describes the mysterious Dark Watchers who lurk on ridges in Big Sur, being dark, and watching stuff. No clue what they are, but at this point, there's no ruling out even urRu as a possibility.

Then Wyatt takes a plunge into the history and biology of a well known but never-not-awesome sea monster. THE sea monster, really. Plus a squid in an ice cream cone! It's all there, along with some Steinbecks and a rousing game of Shadowlands Roulette, all on this week's Superduperstitious!


Spring Heeled Jack in America
Shadowlands Roulette


"Such Counsels You Gave to Me"
The Dark Watchers
Image 1
Image 2
In Search of the Dark Watchers
Eyewitness accounts


The Kraken
Cameroceras trentonense
Parapuzosia seppenradensis

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